Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gone WAY too long...

Why does time fly so fast when we are having fun?  I did not even realize that I hadn't posted since July 21!  Geez! 
Anyway- I am back now and I also just realized that I need to change the subject of the blog as the Sunday Market at the Carousel has come to a close.  It was an awesome experience that I look forward to doing again next Spring.  Amy & I had wonderful success and I am so happy that we met so many GF Missoula-tonians!! Now, just because the market is in hibernation until next Spring, the bakng must live on!! In fact, I made a bakery delivery to a market customer at lunch time!  She requested pumpkin bread and fruit & nut granola.  My house smells like the burnt orange Harvest candles from Pier 1 circa 1997 when I worked there in Oly, WA.  Ahhhh, memory bliss of my Bon Bon & Meesh.  Strange how a smell can retrieve a wave of memories in a flash. 
Ok- back to NOW.  With all of the Halloween candy running through my veins, I have all sorts of ideas for GF Hollow treats.  It's pretty easy to go GF when it comes to candy and such.  My first thought is my sister's Caramel corn.  You know, calling it "caramel corn" is a bit understated.  This stuff is a dentist's nightmare but all my dreams coming true in a messy, glorious, amber bite of heaven.  Salty & sweet at it's perfection. I am salivating- no joke.
My mind is also reeling to come up with a winning dessert idea for my sister's annual Halloween party at her work.  She took home the blue ribbon last year and I plan a repeat performance this year.  I mean, SHE is planning a repeat performance...(i tend to take things over so I am still saying "her" & "she", but we both know that she won last year because I insisted on changing her original idea).  We made GF chocolate cupcakes, choco frosting, then with large red gumdrops and GF black & red licorice- we made devils!! They were hilarious! I cannot take credit for them, I saw the pic somewhere, probably Martha.  But WOW they were cute & Amy's kids "helped" us.  So the need to out-do ourselves is pretty intense...
I will keep you posted.
Happy GF eating!